How to get your resume done properly

A good resume must contain all the strengths of the candidate and be relevant to that work position that is opted for. Logically, we must highlight these strong sides, but it would not be appropriate to lie about them or exaggerate grossly.

The main thing about your resume is that it should be attractive. Not something flashy or spirited, but a clear and simple document instead. Why is that? Well, at our resume service we know from experience that every company receives dozens of applications daily and for a specialist, it will take only about half a minute to know if yours is valid or not. Therefore, you must use a legible font and highlight the keywords with another one: a particular typeface, bold, italic, etc. They will read it as somebody who throws a glance at a newspaper, that is why our resume writing services, NYC aim to make discernible only that information that really matters.

In addition, all the parts of your resume should be ordered consistently, with a structure similar to the following:

1. Header. The document will be headed with a title such as "Resume of (name and surname of the person)" or simply "Curriculum Vitae". It should be written in a way that stands out; for example, using capitalization and bold or a font that is different from the rest of the text. It will also be necessary to indicate the current date in the heading. In addition, although not expressly requested, adding one of your latest photographs is strongly recommended.

2. Personal data: name, surname, age, address, telephone, etc.

3. Academic training: all the completed studies and courses (relevant ONLY), the names of the educational centers and the date of completion.

4. Professional and work experience: a list of the previous occupations that are related to the position you choose. It is important not to forget to specify the post held and the name of the company, as well as the start and end dates of the activity and functions performed. In case you have no work experience, do not forget to include professional practices or similar activities.

5. Complementary training: courses, seminars, congresses, conferences. Again, the number of hours, the names of the centers and the dates of the activities must be mentioned.

6. Information on other interests: this includes activities that may be interesting, such as your availability for business trips or readiness to change the residence. Our best resume service advises you not to mention those that have nothing to do with the job you choose.

Composing an outstanding resume: tips and tricks

Our best resume writing services, NYC continue to be an essential tool in the search for a job according to applicants’ own expectations and desires. A smart presentation not only opens the door to an interview desired by the applicant, but also ensures that such an interview is also what a potential employer expects. It should be borne in mind that resumes are used as screening tools to determine which applicants are ready for the interviewing procedure and which are not. Medical directors, hospital managers, or heads of departments are accustomed to reading resumes and easily recognize both the correctness of the presentation and the author's personal qualities.

While many people think more importance should be given to content than to form, our best resume writing service assures you that presentation is also essential. Although a resume can be written according to different formats, it must conform to the common criteria of orderliness, clarity, legibility, and completeness.


- The language used should be positive, clear, brief and concise.

- There is no single model of a curriculum vitae, the order of parts of the paper can be chosen differently depending on the purpose it serves.

- According to the standards of the best resume services, it is not advisable to use the first or third person when talking about yourself - the impersonal style is the only appropriate.

- Do not use acronyms, unless they are well known, otherwise, it can lead to confusion.

- It is not advisable to mention your desired salary.

- Omit those aspects that may harm you in the selection process.

- Make your document go in less than two pages.

- Avoid misspellings and typographical errors. Hire our resume services to do quality proofreading/revision for you.

- Apart from a cover letter, do not attach other documents such as certificates, letters of recommendation or photographs, unless you are requested to do so. It is best to turn those docs in at a future interview.

- When sending a paper-based resume, do not forget to keep a copy of your paper since you would have to review the exact information they have about you in case you are summoned for an interview.

Sending documents for your job application: a cover letter


It is usually recommended that a resume be accompanied by a cover letter, both in case you respond to a job offer or you send it voluntarily by way of your own initiative. A cover letter should serve for expressing your interest in this type of work and highlighting your main merits and qualities. It should be written with great care and be dated and signed – in most cases, this can be done using our resume services, NYC.

In case you plan to send your resume by email, the cover letter could be the text body of the email. In this case, you will need to refer to the job offer to which you answer with the letter. If the opposite is true, then you will clearly indicate in the letter why you are sending the resume, thus saving your writing from ending up in the spam folder.

Again, the best resume writing services recommend not to include the supporting documents, certificates or other testimonies of your merits. They should only be sent if expressly requested by the recruiters or organizers of the interview. Even so, in the section "Information on other interests" or in the closing section, you can add one of the following expressions: "Supporting documents will be added if required", "The veracity of all the information included is guaranteed", and so on.

Finally, you must keep in mind that both the content and style of your resume and cover letter is to be modified according to the job for which you apply. If in doubts, just send a request for our NYC resume services – we will re-write or adjust your documents according to the requirement of each application!